Analysis of Supreme Court Judgement in Smt. P. Leelavathi vs. V. Shankarnarayana Rao

Following six circumstances can be taken as a guide while considering whether a particular transaction is benami in nature or not.

(i) the source from which the purchase money came;

(ii) the nature and possession of the property, after the purchase;

(iii) motive, if any, for giving the transaction a benami colour;

(iv)   the   position   of   the   parties   and   the relationship, if any, between the claimant and the alleged benamidar;

(v) the custody of the title deeds after the sale; and

(vi)   the   conduct   of   the   parties   concerned   in dealing   with   the   property   after   the   sale.

(Jaydayal Poddar v. Bibi Hazra (supra), SCC p. 7, para6)

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